Who We Are


Brian is a networking genius, but he specializes in networking people, not computers. He earned his associate’s degree from Arapaho Community College and pioneered the Busi-Net enterprise and the underlying values that Busi-Net is founded on. He also secure new clientele and manages relationships with existing ones. After all, we are nothing without our customers.


Dave is a certified internet specialist, specializing in special project design. His skill set cannot be quantified, but is constantly displayed through Busi-Net projects worldwide. Dave was instrumental in researching and defining our place in the industry. His first hand knowledge of the Business Internet industry led to the development of our mission statement.


Jordy is the brains (and brawn) behind Busi-Net’s highly successful and award winning commercial campaign. Without his vision, we would have been just another dotcom that burst with the bubble. Launching the campaign by airing the infamous 2001 Super Bowl XXXV ad shocked and delighted potential clients worldwide, and cemented our presence in the Business Internet industry.